Cake Apparel Launches Spring/Summer Collection

Among tween image and fashion’s finest, Cake Apparel has emerged in New York City as the newest kid on the block. Sweet threads for young rebels are the mantra and motto for the budding brand. Locally based in the heart of American fashion, Cake Apparel is determined to be the best in vibrant organic apparel.

With plans to preview during fashion week, Cake Apparel is quickly asserting position within the fashion ranks. The previous fall collection was heavily covered in fashion and lifestyle blogs and publications that landed financial backing from Cashflow.com and the celebrity endorsement of Hell’s Kitchen contestant Nilka Hendricks. Highly anticipated by fashion bloggers, writers and editors, the Spring/Summer collection is sure to offer a refreshing attitude and style to eco-friendly apparel.

The new Spring/Summer collection is scheduled to release February 21st prior to their fashion week preview. The new collection is vibrant, bright and uber tasty. It’s the perfect balance of tween chic meets stylish rebel. More playful than the previous collection, Spring/Summer will fuse seamlessly with your current wardrobe and existing fashion trends.

Cake Apparel is an eco-friendly clothing line lead by creative director Lorin Jones. It is a limited run apparel company catering to teens and young adults. www.cakeapparel.com.